Elevating Norwegian businesses into global brands.

Brand Strategy

The most important part of the business plan. Setting your company apart from your competition and enhance corporate value. With a thorough and proven step-by-step approach we guide businesses to define and refine your strategy.

Research and Insight / Brand Matrix Vision / Communication Strategy / Master Classes Brand Matrix

Brand Naming

Navigating the crowded corporate namescape can be challenging. Ensuring clarity, uniqueness, and relevance within your industry is paramount. We help create the names that identify, position, and drive your business forward.

Naming Strategy / Company Naming / Product and Service Naming / Naming Validation and Protection

Brand Portfolio & Architecture

Strategically organizing your company’s brands. Defining the relationships within its structure, focusing on the hierarchy, roles, and interactions among the corporate brand, sub-brands, product brands, and co-brands.

Market Segmentation / Brand Equity / Synergies and Efficiencies / Growth and Expansion

Brand Development & Expression

By crafting distinctive brand narrative and assets for your corporate identity, we ensure the core of your brand is communicated successfully and across diverse platforms and touchpoints. Establishing a consistent and meaningful presence.

Brand Narrative and Copywriting / Logo, Color palette and Typography / Photo, Film and other Visuals / Brand Manuals

Brand Communication

Effective brand communication is crucial for building brand equity, driving customer loyalty, and differentiating the brand in competitive markets.

Advertising / Social Media / Public Relations

The Brand Matrix

Pioneering integration of business strategy and creative excellence. 

Our unique Brand Matrix tool provides executive teams with a concise roadmap to explore the organization's mission, culture, values, expression, and other distinctive qualities. Setting the business on the path to becoming a successful brand.


The outside-in approach
Satisfying the needs and wants with the brand’s image in focus.

The inside-out approach
Staying true to the brand’s identity when satisfying the needs and wants of the customers and stakeholders.

Team of Experts

The Minnesota Brand Agency team consists of hand-picked experts and top talent in business, brand strategy, and creative execution. Our main contacts:

Christina Øverland-Engelsen

Christina Øverland-Engelsen
CEO & Strategic Brand Consultant

+47 920 28 026Send email

Benedicte Unhjem Johansen

Benedicte Unhjem Johansen
Strategic Brand Consultant

+47 980 78 716Send email

Jan Willy Skjølberg

Jan Willy Skjølberg
Strategic Brand Consultant

+47 982 57 558Send email

Additional Expert Services

Minnesota Health

A premier creative and production service dedicated to the health and medical sector.


Brand Matrix Masterclass

This masterclass equips leaders with the essential insights to utilize the Brand Matrix.


US Entry Program

StartUS offers a unique gateway for selected and ambitious Norwegian enterprises.


Minnesota Finance

Annual reports, investor presentations, and assistance in advance of IPOs and M&As.



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