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How branding affects growth, profit and trust

Brand building has a major effect on all parts of your business and is a managerial responsibility. A strong brand affects company value, sales, profits, growth, suppliers, partners and makes the company an attractive place to work. 

It’s commonly thought  that a strong brand is most relevant for consumer products. This is wrong. Any business can be developed into a preferred brand in its competitive arena and branding encompasses the entire customer experience, reputation and personality of the business. Do you need further proof? Well, just read on.

CASE: CarePacks

When meeting with many advertising agencies or consulting companies, jobs for large companies are often highlighted. Although the contribution may only have been for fractions of the total picture. We choose to showcase a much smaller company to demonstrate that strategic branding at all stages and levels can lead to amazing results, quickly.

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The law of big and small numbers

Documentation og facts

Yes, marketing and branding are subjects of research. An important motivation behind this is that branding is about what happens inside the brain of each one of us. It is not easy to know exactly what’s happening in there, but years of research show that there are common denominators. Certain patterns and typical actions repeat themselves and it is possible to influence these. The only question is how. Is it repetition of a message? Funny advertising? Consistency in deliveries? Quality products? Proud employees? Excited customers? Sustainable production? Yes, all of the above. And a little more.

In a competitive situation, the best-known brand is more often chosen. In other words, you will not be considered if you are not known. This applies both at company and product level. We choose brands – not products.