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CarePacks – clear conscience in a small bag

CarePacks AS was founded in 2016 with the ambition of making it easier for people in a hectic everyday life to choose both healthier and smarter energy refills. The inspiration was the change in meal patterns. Norwegians no longer had dinner at 4 or 5 pm. Instead, dinner has moved into early evening. This creates a gap between lunch and dinner, and this tends to be filled with unhealthy snacks or what’s at hand. The goal was to give us genuine, healthy and good choices.

A great alternative

There was definitely room for such a product on the Norwegian market. Studies show that employees often run out of energy and lose focus at 2–3pm. The effect of the lunch has worn off and many feel the need to replenish their energy. With many unhealthy and sugary options on the market, people often take short-sighted shortcuts to boost energy levels. CarePacks has nutritionists on the team to develop smarter and healthier alternatives compared to regular snacks.

The founding couple May-Rita Kappfjell and Stig Ola Johansen together with employees from Jobbhuset.

Sustainability as a foundation

The company is built around the UN's Sustainability Goals of good health, decent work and economic growth as well as responsible consumption and production. It should be easy to choose what is good for me. It must be inclusive by involving as many people as possible in the value chain. And action must be taken for responsible production, consumption and packaging choices without compromising on food safety. The products are packaged by ‘Jobbhuset’ which employs people with special needs. CarePacks also supports UNICEF and Fattighuset (the Poor House).

Products such as Eplegull can be found in many grocery stores, but they also supply raw nut mixes, muesli, rice chips and other goodies. The products are available as a subscription service for companies that are concerned with making good choices during the working day, as well as at some of the Nordic region's largest hotel chains. 

Consistent communication has established CarePacks as a genuine answer to a common and actual need.

A brand is in the bag

Minnesota Agency was involved in building the CarePacks brand right from the start. This involved much more than just creating a logo and packaging design. The product and the philosophy behind opened for utilizing the entire toolbox. We wanted to create a consistent and recognizable expression rooted in the company behind the product. The core lay in CarePack's own business model, which entails creating economic and social value through running an ethical and responsible business. We thought many people would support and back this if it was told in the right way. It was all about creating close ties between producers and suppliers, distributors and users. An invisible but very strong bond.

Traditionally, it is said that the most important thing for a brand is to stand out, be relevant and credible. All this is true, but there is something more important. Namely that it meets a need in me as the recipient. Only then can loyalty be created and by that an emotional connection. In this case, the need was twofold. The first was that there is confusion about what is healthy and what is not. The second was simply that "it's 3pm and I'm hungry, but what should I eat?". We had an answer for both.

Mega timing

CarePacks had a good product that fit right into a megatrend. We know we have to make good choices, but don't always know how to make them. Therefore, this had to be packaged and presented in an intuitive and emotionally engaging way. We used a holistic approach because the final result had to be greater than the sum of the individual parts. Brand values and identity were combined with brand culture and personality through methodical processes. This became the basis of the final strategy. Everything served in a handy little box and ready for picking.

Twice as good

By playing a major role in everything from the original business idea and concept to packaging design and marketing activities, we have demonstrated the value of a complete and comprehensive approach to branding. Consistent communication has established CarePacks as the very answer to a real need for many. The concept has taken Norway by storm, both because of the fantastic product and all the good values CarePacks has chosen to identify with. We have included the users in the value chain, and this has created trust, loyalty, enthusiasm and, not least, gratitude. Because it never hurts that the brand satisfies both body and soul.

The very best thing about being a little smart is when everyone else ends up feeling a little smarter too.

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