About us

Minnesota – not bare fordi it sounds cool

We are inspired by our forefathers who emigrated to America. They embraced new challenges in uncharted waters without compromising their proud identity and strong heritage — the recipe for every successful brand.

It’s not about always being on, but always being relevant

Let’s make the best work of our lives together

We are a group of thinkers and makers who simply love working with brands. Small brands. Big brands. But most of all adaptable brands who dare to embrace new ideas whilst staying true to their identity.

We believe that creativity makes the greatest impact. And that the best ideas and concepts come from daring to step out of our comfort zones.

And last but not least we believe that action speaks louder than words. So let’s stop talking and start making. It’s time to change the game!

We know our stuff

Our crew consists of a well-balanced mix of analytical heads and creative muscles. We develop strategies, visual identities and communication for all surfaces and marketing channels. Don’t hesitate to challenge us — we are up for the journey!

Don’t just tell the story.
Do the story!


We have the knowledge and experience to identify, diagnose and move your brand in the right direction. Because brands just don’t happen. They're built and grown throughout time, in the mind of your audience.

Brand Strategy • Market and brand equity insights • Naming • Brand Portfolio and Architecture • Employer Branding • Marketing Strategy • Digital Strategy • Social Media Strategy 


A brand is much more than a logo. It’s about ideas and imagination, values and emotions. Building a brand’s identity is not about choosing our favourite colours. It’s about creating a commercial universe with our customers’ perception in mind, and make something they can recognize, remember, believe in and identify themselves with. 

Visual Identity • Graphic Design • Packaging • Illustration • Photo • Event design • Infographic • Animation • Dynamic design guidelines • Annual Reports 


People don’t just buy a product or a service. They buy brands, they buy value, they buy hope, but most of all they buy dreams. By capturing the uniqueness of your brand or product, and boost the problem solving with a good dose of creativity across all platforms, we strive to turn complete strangers into devoted customers, as well as good ambassadors for your brand. 

Campaigns • Content • Copywriting • Art Direction • Display • Outdoor • Ambient • Native • Social Media • Print Ads • Films • Radio 


It feels like it’s a lifetime ago since the world went digital. Websites and other digital platforms are in most cases the most visited and important contact points for your brand. We create the strategies, build the systems, and design the experiences to educate, engage, and activate audiences online. 

Web Design • Web Development • UX Design • UI Design • Inbound Marketing • Digital Annual Reports • SEO • SEM • Customer Journeys • AB Testing 

Brand Culture

Building strong brands is about radiating your purpose. Your owners, the board and all employees should naturally speak and act upon your brand values. We help you create a strong brand culture throughout your whole organization.  

Managing brand culture • Management training • Events 

IR Communication

In order to exploit the value of their stock for investments, businesses must constantly make every effort to extensively communicate to their investors and potential investors. We have the experience and knowledge help you with your business strategies and Investor Relations communication to secure further growth.