Business as unusual — but still many things you can do

Have you and your business come up with a plan to handle the upside down-situation due to the corona pandemic? Even though the world works differently these days, it can also create possibilities. We believe that the ones who are the most proactive now will be the winners on the other side of the crisis!

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Here in Minnesota Agency we live and breathe creativity. We want to use this creativity to help your business to strengthen your position during these difficult times. Here’s some examples of smart things to focus on now:

Create driving force with a clear strategic foundation

Strong brands have a great way of touching us emotionally. To build a strong brand you need a clear strategic foundation, with word that are inspiring. Who are you really? Who do you want to be for whom? Why are you important? How are you going to be relevant form now on? We would love to challenge you and create good answers!

We would love a strategy talk

A brush up of your visual communication

Now is the perfect time to do the things you never have time for on normal, hectic days. Clean your existing web pages and presentations, remove old and create new and relevant content. There is a lot we can do without starting from scratch. The most important is that the message and image is in line with the brand strategy.

We are ready to help

Visibility and digital clearance

We are spending more time than ever on digital medias. Why don’t you go through- and optimize all your digital channels? Does SEO and Google Adwords do the job they are supposed to? Is your business represented in all social media channels, or maybe now is the time to focus on TikTok or Snapchat? Perhaps you should launch a Facebook- and/or Instagram campaign as the pandemic has made these channels even more social than before? Or maybe you only need to tidy up the feeds in different channels?

We would love to help

Time for brand new thoughts?

Perhaps this is the time to make some changes that your business can gain from in the long run? See if you can improve existing products, services, packaging or distribution methods? Can you digitalize a bigger part of your business? Does your business model need a brush up or are there new markets to be explored? Our strategic advisors would love to help you check out your possibilities!

The photographer who became a broadcaster

March 12th the business stopped for completely for Kolonihaven Fotostudio. The owner, CF Wesenberg, never sits still and knew he had the equipment to adapt. In a few weeks he has his brand, new video- and streaming studio ready. is a low-key, high quality studio where you can produce a content you have developed — or get help to create content form idea to finished product. Kringkastingen also specializes in coaching people being in front of the camera, a service many of us will find quite helpful.  

Let’s come up with new ideas together

New visual identity

If you have you considered a total makeover, this is the perfect time to act. We believe that the brands who dare to go all in at this point, will stand out and be a stronger brand after the Covid-19 pandemic. We have the talented designers and the good methods to give your business the right, new look.

Let´s start the work with your new identity


Are you one of the ones that want everything to go back to normal before launching your new campaign? Why not start working on the campaign now, so you’re ready to launch before everyone else? Why wait when your customers are social distancing and spending more time on both digital and analog medias? 

We are ready to create your new campaign

Nurture the relationship with existing clients/customers

Don’t forget to keep up the communication with your existing clients and customers during these difficult times. Show them you care, updates them of the status of your business, possible changes and your delivery capacity. Spend time on building good relations. Remember that there’s a lot you can do digitally; video presentations, digital meetings and webinars. We can help with the content, direction and different techniques.

Let us help you with your communication