One clear voice

Imagine gathering all the decisionmakers in your company for some intensive hours, with the sole purpose of staking out your company’s direction?

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The most successful brands have one, clear voice across all channels, based on their strategic positioning. The company’s purpose should inspire both the employees and the target group, and at the same time clarifies important values and the driving force. 

It’s important to find the powerful words with meaning and direction for your business. Many companies are unclear and inconsistent in their communication, both in marketing and in the way people talk about the company

We believe in brand building. The X-factor that gives your business better buoyancy (no, not Beyoncé…) than your competitors. We also believe that those who put a lot of work and effort into their strategic positioning will create a stronger internal culture and be more successful with their communication in general.

A compressed strategic process

The longer time it takes to develop a strategy, the more difficult it is to “get in the zone”. We need that energy boost where everyone is devoted to the same goal of finding the new strategic direction for the company. The implementation process is another typical subject that suffers from strategic processes being done over too long periods of time.

With BrandSprint we have done something about this! Here we gather all the decisionmakers in one office space, one hotel or one cabin, we boost each other with energy, and we don’t leave each other until we all have gathered around one strategic positioning that is right for the company. This way your company get powerful results in a compressed time, and can continue right away with the implementation, the visual identity and the marketing activities based on the chosen strategy.

Every company need a distinct direction.

Our strategic toolbox

Being an external agency, we are able to facilitate the process in a more professional way than companies can do internally. It is not recommended to both lead and take part in the same process, as you need to have focus on either of the two. Otherwise you can lose the group dynamic and energy in the group.

Our strategic advisors have the strategic experience and knowledge to facilitate these strategy workshops and have the tools and engagement to create enthusiasm for everyone involved in the BrandSprint. Together we stake out the company’s direction, including the vision, mission, values and culture.

If you are interested in learning more about our BrandSprint, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.