The Norwegian travel industry employs more than 200 000 people. A reason big enough to smile.

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Tourism is growing all over Norway. More and more people from the whole world want to experience what our country has to offer. This makes me proud.

I try to be good at greeting tourists. My contribution to the travel industry is a smile and a nod, as well as being helpful to any enquiries that may come from a scatterbrained group looking in all directions.

Yearly foreigners leave 50-60 billion kroner during their stay in our country. I believe a friendly approach to our visitors affect Norway’s income directly. Make sure people feel welcome! And do it with pleasure!

Can a smile and a friendly nod increase Norway’s income? I believe so. I’m one of those who get affected by a smile and a nod from the people I pass, whether I’m downtown Oslo or on a walk in the woods. My mother taught me to always be friendly to the people I meet on my way. I can’t promise that I greet everyone, but I do my best. I believe Mum has a point. It warms the heart and creates an invisible bond. So let’s all contribute in the most simple and effective way we can: A friendly smile and a nod!

As you can see from the picture above, I’m so lucky to have my office space with the best view over exploring tourists downtown Oslo — another reason for a big smile 😊