The barbeque party

I just love this! If you’re just a little bit interested in local produce, or want to be, if you work with communication or you’re interested in some smart marketing tips — I bet you’re also gonna be inspired.

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Butchers are a dying breed in Norway. Unfortunately. Those who are left are all proud of what they do — passionate about animal welfare, the butcher handcraft and the art of making exceptionally good meat products.

They’re also quite invisible. Their budgets don’t allow a major focus on marketing activities. Still, here’s an example of someone who manage their marketing well. Read their last email to their clients (sorry, only in Norwegian). It only takes a couple of minutes and it’s quite inspiring reading.

Foto: Timon Botez

Meet Indre Oslo Matforedling AS, and join their Tantrum Sausage Club. These meat boys are situated downtown Oslo, next to both the Blue- and Red Cross. I just love their lovely, honest and mischievous communication. 

This is 100% unpaid advertising. I’m not even gonna ask for a discount when I buy my next load of sausages, but everyone; this is high quality stuff that you should definitely try out! The boys deserve it — and you’ll be the winner of the next barbeque party!