Why Minnesota? Why now?

Our agency has changed its name from Heads&Tales to Minnesota Agency. So what? Why? In the middle of this pandemic? It’s quite understandably if you have these or other questions. There has to be a strategy behind changing the name of your business. We have one.

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In addition to your logo and other important visual elements, your business name is your most important source of identity. Many people liked our old name. So did we. But when we did a strategic repositioning approximately a year ago, our name didn’t suit who we wanted to be and what we wanted to focus on anymore.

Because we sell more than brain capacity and good stories.

We sell more than brain capacity and good stories. We sell a force and a will to reach a common goal together.

Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash

Minnesota — not only because it sounds cool

A name can be chosen for being descriptive. A name can be chosen for creating the right associations. When Minnesota came up in our naming process, the puzzle pieces fell into place. It sounded cool, but more importantly it gave us the right associations to a story that is far bigger than ourselves. A story we wanted to visualize and build our brand on.

Our agency sells a force and a will to reach a bigger goal together with our clients, especially for the Norwegian Industry. We’re passionate about what we strive for and what we do. For us, this is more important than to only boost sales. It’s about building something strong and create big ambitions together — over time.

The name Minnesota is inspired of all brave Norwegians who gave up everything and travelled to “the new world” in America in the 1800s. With a proud heritage and a clear identity in their luggage, they embraced new challenges in uncharted waters. Minnesota is the story about being brave and having a strong identity.

Our backdrop and "sense of urgency" is rooted in the big change that Norwegian industry is going through.

Photo by Vidar Nordli Mathisen on Unsplash

Hand in hand, with businesses across the land

Our backdrop and sense of urgency is rooted in the big change that the Norwegian industry is going through. The oil adventure is coming to an end. At the same time, we have competent and diverse businesses, and a world who wants our products and services. Norwegian businesses must believe in themselves — show us who they are, what they can offer and what they believe in. To make this happen, you need a multitalented and experienced team.

Minnesota isn’t a traditional agency. Here you will meet a coordinated team with experience from business development, advertising and design. We are inspired by the ability to make a change. We don’t chase the biggest brands, but rather want to play an important part in creating them.