Guiding leaders to create growth through brand building

Our job is to create growth and value. We provide business leaders with the powerful tool of brand building. Branding is a crucial aspect for any company because it is the voice, the identity and the worth of the company. And how a company is perceived is paramount for how successful it is.

Brand strategy

The brand strategy is an important part of the business plan. It describes how you set yourself apart from your competition and build favorability in your market. A good brand strategy affects all parts of your business, not only the marketing department.

We provide: Research and Insight – Naming – Brand architecture – Brand strategies – Purpose development – Brand positionings – Brand Sprints 

Brand creative and design

What impression your brand makes on people is crucial. Your brand is not just your name, logo and website. It’s how you are perceived and ultimately why you are chosen. All intangible factors but they are driven by visual and verbal fuel.

We provide: Corporate identites – Internal and external brand launches — Social and digital campaigns – Advertising campaigns – Website development – Brand voice – Graphic design – Film production – Animation – Storytelling – Sound design 

Brand management

If a brand is not nurtured it will fade away and maybe even disappear. Brand management increases awareness, provides a consistent brand message, builds brand equity and provides the brand with it’s deserved place in the market.

We provide: KPIs measurement – Brand guidelines – Brand culture

Brand and finance

A strong brand is an important corporate asset. Investors, the stock market and other stakeholders evaluate companies based on the strength of their brand equity. At every step of the way, the brand’s voice needs to be consistent and coherent.

We provide: Investor communication – Notice to general assembly – Annual rapports – Initial public offerings – IPO film productions – Investor presentations