Safe Entry into the US Market with Competent Boots on the Ground

Our mission is to ensure your business succeeds in the USA. With operational management and an extensive network, we are your boots on-the-ground to plan, establish, and scale your business to the next level.

Why StartUSA?

The opportunities in the USA are huge but not without risks. Along the way, you need trusted resources who know your business and the US market well.

Our mandate is to reduce risk and increase the chance of success. We believe the key to this is competent operational management with no tasks other than to advance processes in the USA. We become part of your business as an extended team with the experience and network you need to succeed.

StartUSA offers you boots on-the-ground who know the market and are driven by progress towards sales growth. With contact points in both Norway and the USA, we are close to your business and available in both time zones.

Success involves preparation, market insight, presence, and the right network.

Preparation – Start up – Growth

We assist you in determining if your business is ready for the USA and if the USA is ready for your product or service. We help with the strategic and practical aspects of establishment, expansion, and growth. We also undertake individual projects for companies that are already established and seek extra support during specific periods or processes.

What is important about our objective and risk assessment is that we don't "sell" the USA but wish to help those who have the prerequisites to succeed. 

StartUSA services:

  1. US Entry Program. A complete Go-To-Market plan with market insights (market, target audience, distribution, and competitive arena), strategic identity, and plan with financial projections. This provides a solid decision-making basis for a potential US venture, more security for investors, and a better growth plan for those who have already started activities in the USA. 
  2. US Management. You must be close to the market and have the right network to succeed. You need competent "boots on the ground" as early as possible, preferably before deciding on a US venture. We offer operational management in the USA that drives processes forward with planning, establishing, and implementing growth plans.  
  3. US Consulting. We assist with individual projects and specific tasks in the USA and Norway that support the company's growth and US venture.

Before starting a potential collaboration, an experienced Norwegian-American mentor group will conduct interviews and evaluations of the company's opportunities and maturity. This is to familiarize ourselves with the company and ensure your satisfaction with the collaboration. 

Executive Team

We are more focused on ensuring success than tempting you with a journey that might not suit your business. We invite you to non-binding conversations to discuss opportunities and together create a realistic and achievable plan for your business.

Eivind Heiberg (CEO & Co-Founder), is an experienced leader in the USA. He spent 18 years at Sons of Norway, serving as CEO for the last 10 years. As the Honorary Consul General for the State of Minnesota, Heiberg plays an official role in facilitating the development of commercial, economic, cultural, and scientific relations between Norway and the USA. Heiberg is a co-owner of StartUSA Inc.

Mobile: +1 (612) 978-9486
E-mail: eivind.heiberg (at)

Jan Villard (Co-Founder) has been a Norwegian entrepreneur and business developer for three decades. With extensive experience in starting and developing numerous businesses in Norway, he is a co-owner of the brand agency Minnesota Agency AS, which is the initiator and largest owner of StartUSA Inc. From April 2024, he will be working from the USA.

Mobile: +47 900 30 250
E-mail: jan.villard (at)

Everything for your US venture in one place!

- Our expertise covers the company's needs for establishment and expansion in the USA.

Our mandate is tailored to each company. The list of tasks we assist with is long and dynamic, and we have an extensive resource network that supports all typical and critical tasks and processes.

The list below is not exhaustive, and many of the points are included entirely or partly in the US Entry Program:

  • Company establishment - assessment and establishment of legal entity company/branch
  • Raising capital  - mapping, investor presentations, and follow-up
  • Market analysis - needs, market, target group, distribution, and competitive arena
  • Distribution - mapping and establishing sales channels
  • Marketing plan - marketing, PR
  • Branding - clarifying the brand core and adapting to the USA / marketing / PR / Websites / design / Social Media / Inbound / Influencer ... market introduction and launch
  • Sales follow-up - of the sales apparatus in the USA, agents, employees, or distributors
  • Manufacturing - mapping, evaluating, and establishing
  • Logistics / warehousing - mapping, evaluating, and establishing
  • Legal assistance - all types, including patent (IP), brand protection
  • Accounting and financial assistance - monitoring of operations, and reporting with Norway
  • Insurance - all types
  • IT support
  • Recruitment - when ready for further expansion.

There are many services, networks, and facilitators worth considering for those looking to take their business to the USA. We have an overview of most. It's appropriate to consider StartUSA as a complementary offer to Innovation Norway and other initiatives offered through public instruments and other business networks. We wish to contribute to your feeling of security in your partnership setup.

Why Minnesota?

StartUSA is driven by the desire to create success for Norwegian companies with big ambitions.

Operated by StartUSA Inc. in the USA, a subsidiary of Minnesota Agency AS in Norway, the name "Minnesota Agency" is inspired by Norwegians who ventured into the world with great courage and a proud identity 200 years ago. Today, Minnesota has the largest concentration of Norwegian-descended inhabitants than anywhere else. With StartUSA, we embark on this journey anew, aiming to conquer the whole USA with many skilled companies and their proud identities.

Minnesota is the best state for Norwegian companies to perform a soft launch in the USA. It's not the final destination, but the first stop in the USA, offering a welcoming and familiar environment with Norwegian words, flags, waffles, traditional costumes, brown cheese, and incredible helpfulness.

Did you know that this northern state boasts a strong business culture with more Fortune 500 companies than any other state? Minnesota is home to renowned universities, a highly educated population, and one of the highest standards of living in the USA. Another advantage is its accessible location between the East and West Coasts, with an airport that serves the entire USA.

This is why Minneapolis is the base for our business in the USA, and we'll also be active in New York and other states relevant to our clients.

Our Partners:

There are many important networks and gateways in Norway and the USA. Our service is not necessarily an alternative to or in competition with these. On the contrary, we collaborate with reputable Norwegian and American programs and networks.

Our partners include, but are not limited to: Norway House, BARN, Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC), NorChamThe US Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Consulates in various states, Norwegian Industry, and others.