Client: Bruse

Warmth and closeness for the future

Safe and secure broadband is important to all of us. Bruse expands the fiber network and offers the best TV and entertainment solutions in Hallingdal, Norway. In addition, they supply electric car charging systems and solar panels for both the home, the cabin and the business community.

We have assisted the initiators in developing the brand's strategic platform, name, visual identity and marketing material. Central to the brand are reliability, security and welfare technology. Warmth and closeness for the future are the basics for the idea in the brand's strategic platform.

We created the name Bruse. ’Bruse’ means several things. Literally it means the subtle sound of water and wind. It may also means an emotion as in a burst of joy. It is a good Norwegian name with strong associations to energy and power in several dimensions. It comes from nature, is constantly changing and never stands still. It can mean speed and excitement, but also appear warm and close. The name opens up for strong storytelling that links the natural power to concrete products.

The strength of the logo lies in the contrast between the round, soft shapes and the sharp cuts. The circles are an important element in the logo used for focal points and express a lightness and a twinkle in the eye. This combines the warm and close with the forward-looking. Simple and intuitive illustrations provide a good understanding of the products and strengthen the user experience.

We have also developed a logo version, slogan, app icon, landing page and illustrations for the initiative Bruse LADE (car charger service) and Bruse SOL (solar energy). The name and visual identity are continued in the app icon and the color palette gives the landing page energy and freshness.

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