Client: Fiskerud Brands

The water bottle above all water bottles

Fiskerud Brands wanted to develop a water bottle with nice design and function for adding your own favourite flavours. Preferably looking so smashing that it would be the perfect gift for interior design-loving Norwegians.

We developed the name BTLD (abbreviation for BOTTLED) and designed the logo for this new glass bottle. We worked together with the client on the visual style and colour palette of the bottle and the packaging, such as gold cap, engraved logo and gold foil details.

The goal was to create a refreshing and exclusive product that would enhance the interior in any Norwegian home. The bottle is sold in exclusive interior design- and gift shops.

The main feature of the bottle is the strainer inside which gives you the opportunity to infuse the water with natural flavours such as fresh ginger, berries, cucumber lemon and herbs without the hassle of floating pieces when pouring. The result was a functional and estetic product that you will want to show off in your home.

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