Client: CarePacks

Snack with better conscience

We feel very fortunate when we get to collaborate with the client from developing a business idea to naming, building the visual identity and launching the product in the market. This is how CarePacks went from being an idea on a post-it note into becoming a great success. 

CarePacks’ business idea is to deliver smart snacks to offices, private homes and for sale in some of the biggest hotels chains in the Nordic countries. They have experts on nutrition onboard to help develop the products.

A successful adaption

Coworkers from Minnesota Agency has played a central role from business- and concept development to the playful packaging design and marketing activities. In the beginning we knew people wanted healthier snacks. We also knew we wanted everything about the brand to be filled with good values. In our journey together we started sending the snacks by mail to private people. Then we realized there was a gap in the b2b market and made businesses our new main target group. 

Studies has shown the employees loses focus due to lack of energy around 2 PM during normal workdays. The hunger kicks in as it’s been a while since lunch, and many feel the need for refill of energy. With many unhealthy alternatives with high levels of sugars in the market, people often take shortcuts to boost their energy levels. We also know that businesses focuses more and more on sustainability and social responsibility.

CarePacks = businessworthy company

Today CarePacks is a businessworthy company, creating value for both business and society. The company is built on United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Especially the goals concerning Good Health and Well-being, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Rensponsible Consumption and Production are important core values for CarePacks.

Every part of the business is built on sustainability and good and including values. All products are packed by Adaptor, a company owned by Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted, employing people with special needs. CarePacks also supports UNICEF and Fattighuset, a Norwegian volunteer organization helping people in need.

The concept has done very well in Norway, both in order of the quality of the product itself and all the good values it represents.

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