Client: Mendel's

Chocolate champions conquer Oslo

Mendel's is the place for lovers of great chocolate and is run by the experienced and talented French pastry chef Younes El Khomri.


We have developed the visual identity for Mendel's. They were looking for a masculine expression with traces of Art Nouveau in the design. The final logo is bold, with a nod to Paris through curves taken from the distinctive Art Nouveau era. The artistry and uniqueness of the delicious French temptations you find at Mendel's is reflected in the logo's richness of detail and soft curves. These details also help to give a sense of taste.

Mendel's needed few, but none the less important surfaces. In addition to the website and SoMe, the logo works well on everything from the window facing the busy street, to the small chocolate signature affixed to pastries of all sizes.

We truly enjoyed the development of the profile for this temple of French pastry and chocolate. We recommend a visit to Karl Johans gate 8. Younes and his crew are artists who produce goodies that always taste heavenly.  Enjoy in the patisserie's beautiful surroundings or take it with you to big and small occasions – anytime and anywhere.

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