Client: Clean Marine

From shipowners, to shipowners

The people behind Clean Marine came from the shipping industry. As part of the industry-leading shipping company, Torvald Klaveness Group, they started the research and development of sustainable solutions for the shipping industry in 2004. Today Clean Marine is recognized as a highly competitive supplier of marine exhaust gas scrubbers.

Their mission is to create the world’s best Exhaust Gas Cleaning System that meets international control regulations, while at the same time contribute to a sustainable maritime industry.

Minnesota Agency has been Clean Marine's chosen partner for internal and external communications solutions in recent time. We have created a new slogan, Your sustainability is our business, reflecting their core business in reducing emissions on their clients’ vessels.

We also developed new webpages with new design, and simplified structure and navigation. As the shipping business is focused on margins and cost management, we highlighted the scrubbers fast return of investment (ROI) as well as their products.

The design reflects a modern, sustainable shipping industry, where the colour palette represents sea map depths, clean air and clean seas. The secondary colour represents the very beginning of their business – the characteristic orange Torvald Klaveness ships. With clean design and a clear message, Clean Marine is continuosly developing their business as one of the most world-leading and innovative companies within their segment.

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