Client: DNV

A trusted voice to tackle global transformations

DNV ensures quality and reduces risk worldwide. We design some of their reports.

Our designers have been creating a variety of reports for DNV for several years. Our longstanding collaboration demonstrates that we are a reliable and competent partner when it comes to visualizing extensive and complex strategy and analysis processes. Here are some of the recent reports we have produced for DNV:

ETO Report for DNV

Curious about how far the world has progressed in the green transition? This is revealed in the Energy Transition Outlook (ETO) report, created by DNV in collaboration with us. The annual report provides forecasts for global energy production and consumption until 2050, and our designers have been involved in shaping the report for the sixth consecutive year. Download the report here.

UN Global Compact Report for the United Nations

This report is a joint analysis by the UN and DNV on how companies worldwide are performing in terms of sustainability and their progress towards achieving the UN's climate goals for 2030. We are responsible for the design itself. Download the report here.

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