Client: Billy Graham Foundation

If Jesus was a rock star

… he’d probably wish to perform at The Festival of Hope. This event is an initiative by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. In collaboration with local churches and Christian communities, the organization want to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

Thousands of people gathered for an event in the spirit of music, well-known guests and preaching of the gospel by Franklin Graham. The event is free and open for everyone. In November 2017 was the second time the event was arranged in Norway, through a 2-day festival in Oslo Spektrum.

Norway is a secular society and people in general are more sceptic to this type of events than in the US. One of the reasons is media’s love for sharing stories about preachers belonging to different Christian congregations getting caught in frauds. On the other hand many people are on the search for something more spiritual in their life.

Norway is also a country with a lot of music festivals that are very popular amongst the population.With the creative concept “Festival of hope – a heavenly evening”, we used illustrations of all types of characters to emphasize that the event is for everyone. We wanted to defuse the message and at the same time get attention from a younger crowd by creating visuals with links to music festivals. The channel-mix was a combination of outdoors and digital, including display and SoMe.

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