Client: Håland Kjøtt

Local hero

In Kleppe right outside Stavanger, lies a treasure of a local butcher with a shop and an eatery, Edeståvå. Here local food is served with a passion for traditional dishes and local produce. 

Category: visual identity website design and development brand strategy

Insight shows that people are more and more concerned about buying local food, due to trends, a geographical, social and environmental aspect. 

Håland wanted its business to feel more unique in order to reach a new audience, in addition to its regulars. The existing identity was old fashioned with a hard expression, and the logo reflected a more industrial butcher rather than small and local deli.

After a Brand Strategy process, we created a new visual identity with a local affiliation, reflecting values such as traditions and the love of food. We removed the word meat from the logo and focused on the family name, Håland. For an authentic feel, a typography with a signature look with tight lines was drawn by hand and used across all applications.

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