Client: Vier Consulting

Honest. Business.

Good business ethics are constantly challenged and it is easy to make mistakes. Structured prevention and operationalization of complex legal frameworks are therefore essential to avoid unwanted incidents. Vier Consulting helps companies create honest business through the prevention of financial crime and oppression.

We were asked to develop a strategic foundation, new name, visual identity and new website. The values “personal, present and inclusive» should be reflected in the name and the visual expression.


Through a naming process, we landed on Vier. Short and Nordic with several meanings – both devoting oneself to something and the plant family itself. The Vier plant gave us good and adequate associations: a robust plant family in the Norwegian flora. With their interweaving of branches and roots, these shrubs form vital ecosystems in nature.

The logo is based on a classic serif font and is inspired by the branches of the willow bush. The line illustrates what has not yet been written – a continuous process. The main colour, dark aubergine, stands firm without appearing hard – both as a logo colour and as a background colour. It has the warmth and energy of red and the cool calm of blue, while the colour palette is otherwise bright and light with extremes from warm yellow, orange and magenta to cold ice blue.

The graphic forms symbolize the process of framing the intangible and diffuse – as legal frameworks often can be perceived.

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