Client: Motor Gruppen

HONGQI E-HS9 Launch Campaign

Launching Unknown Chinese Premium Car Brand in Norway.


Motor Gruppen was to launch the HONGQI E-HS9 – the market's currently largest electric car – in Norway as the first country outside of China. Starting with a completely unknown Chinese car brand with a "grand" design in a somewhat conservative and prejudiced market with tough competition, it was important to build a concept that could encompass the entire car and its advantages. It was particularly important to evoke emotions and associations that emphasized HONGQI E-HS9 as a car that is ideal for Norwegian conditions and car buyers.


The Norwegian landscape, much like HONGQI, is "a lot": it has tall waterfalls, deep valleys, and vast plains. In order to integrate a Chinese brand while standing out from generic, Norwegian-adapted car advertisements, we placed HONGQI E-HS9 in magnificent Western Norwegian nature. This was also done to underscore that the car is suitable for Norwegian car buyers, is available now, and as a proof that the brand is truly committed to the Norwegian market.


We see the car driving through dramatic Norwegian landscapes that underscore some of its advantages: more personality, more power, more space, more experiences, more silence, more safety... and more car. We showcased many of the car's important attributes and demonstrated its good driving capabilities on narrow and winding roads.

In the TVC we chose to cast an active family with children to demonstrate the car's usage, thus emphasizing that the car is an accessible premium electric SUV—not just for those with the deepest pockets.

The concept "MORE CAR" was incorporated into both brand-building films and more tactical adaptations tailored to multiple channels.


Brand perception increased from 0% to 4%—a whopping 33% above the target!

Car sales far exceeded the goal. The result was 2086 registered sales in 2022, compared to 25 cars in 2021. This placed HONGQI in third place among brands in the overall market with the highest increase in sales, behind established brands Volkswagen and BMW in first and second place, respectively.

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