Client: Nordpå

Hospitality and tranquility

In Holtålen municipality in Sør-Trøndelag, in the heart of Aunegrenda, you’ll find Nordpå. The place was built in 1829, and since then has been a place where people have thrived. It is the place for good food and wonderful experiences in beautiful surroundings. In addition to offering accommodation, dining experiences and activities in the mountains, Nordpå organizes concerts and parties.

We developed a visual identity with a supporting element from the barn's roof construction and colors from the local environment. We have taken advantage of the uniqueness of the letter "Å" to create a visual hook: The circle's traditional placement has been shifted to emphasize the roof of the barn and give associations to the proximity to nature and the site's diverse activities. The circle is thus used both as sun and a culinary element.

Nordpå's primary point of contact is the website and social media. Therefore, the visual identity is optimized for digital surfaces. The profile reflects the real and genuine while at the same time appearing welcoming to guests from near and far.

«Aunegrenda is a cozy and exceptionally beautiful mountain village. From Haltdalen station, the road climbs up the side of the valley and we get a magnificent panorama over the village in Haltdalen. At the top of the forest lane, Nordpå appears in the horizon with its old timber walls and its red-painted panelling. The view from Nordpå is wide and beautiful and the brown pine walls shine like bronze in the evening sun.» – Trondheim Tourist Association yearbook, 1946

At Nordpå, there is a lot of activity and a playful atmosphere. Some of the activities have their own sub-brands. You will find both Fjellhotell, Hub and Låven. The restaurant has replaced the sun with a green leaf, while Lille Nordpå stands out as tastier and tempting with its soft shapes. All of them still have a strong brand affiliation.

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