Client: Mantra by Mr India

Indian avantgarde

When Sanjiv Sharma took over Mr. India from his father, he was ready to put his own personal touch on the restaurant. In the spring of 2018, Mantra by mr. India was launched with a new concept, new visual identity and a new website.

The restaurant, which is located in the heart of Oslo, has long been known for the quality of its food. On the other hand, not everyone knows about the wonderful wine selection that the restaurant offers — which may not be what you expect from a restaurant that serves Indian food.

In close dialogue with Sanjiv Sharma, we helped develop a new concept for the restaurant that serves flavor bombs from all over India. Traditional Indian dishes were given playful new names to attract younger guests, an exciting tasting menu was launched for those who want a taste of everything, and the large and exciting wine selection was given greater emphasis both on its own websites and in the menus. New, good food photos were taken to emphasize that this is an Indian restaurant that serves very high quality food.

A separate bar, Bar 108, was launched as part of the restaurant. Here, the idea has been that you should be able to have a bite to eat while enjoying a delicious drink or a glass of wine. Incidentally, 108 is a symbolic number, where 1 stands for god or the universe, 0 stands for emptiness, and 8 stands for infinity. There are also 108 main nadis in the chakra system, which are the channels through which prana (life energy) flows. According to Hindi belief, when one chants a mantra 108 times, incredible things will happen in our energy system.

You might have got a feel of how Mantra by Mr. India looks visually by now. But in order for the rest of the sensory register to get in on the fun, we recommend visiting the restaurant in Dronningens gate in central Oslo and trying out the fantastic menu. For the equivalent of an Indian taste experience, you will have to look for a long time!

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