Client: MFT

Sustainability is sorted

How to make craftsmen and ordinary consumers aware of MFT's environmentally friendly packaging

MFT fasteners have changed their packaging from plastic to cardboard. The transition to the new MFT packaging reduces plastic consumption in society by 70 tons per year. The advertisement aimed to generate awareness around the brand by communicating the shift to environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. At the same time, they wanted to show partners like Maxbo and Obs BYGG that by being part of their assortment, they are helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

The spaces we had to work with were mostly small, and the length of the films had to be short. To make professional craftsmen and ordinary consumers aware of, and choose, MFT's environmentally friendly packaging, we had to make the communication as simple and clear as possible.

We used origami, the art of paper folding, as a visual device. In this way, we managed to create a universe where we could clearly and simply demonstrate the connection between packaging, origin, and the environment. As they say at MFT: "Everything is connected."



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