Client: Nordea

Like Most People

In this campaign we get to know some of Nordea's employees a little better.


Nordea is a large Nordic bank that many people may have a somewhat neutral relationship with. Nordea wanted to showcase more of its personality and, by using its own employees, focus on some of Nordea's key pillars: sustainability, diversity, and future planning.


Employer branding can be a great way to strengthen one's identity, allowing for a more personal relationship with the company and enhancing people's positive perception. The goal of this campaign was to show who Nordea is and present its employees in an authentic and genuine way. Nordea simply wanted to demonstrate that bankers are ordinary people, just like their customers.


We often forget when we see them, always polished and composed, like they belong to a different world. But bankers are regular people too, with the same joys and dreams as us. Some look forward to dancing close together, others crave exciting travels. Some plan for the future, some want to make the world a better place, some have faced setbacks, and some dream of expanding their homes. Yes, those who work at Nordea live the same lives as their customers. In this campaign, we delve into the lives of three individuals, revealing how well they truly understand their customers.

In addition to the three main films, we utilized employees from Nordea's offices across the country in social media, digital display banners, and content articles to showcase their local presence.

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