Client: Norstat

Holleri du dödl di, diri diri dudl dö!

Every year all 12 Norstat country administrations gather to socialise and exchange experiences. The agenda is as uncomplicated as a big, warm 'thank you' to all employees, low shoulders, good fun and team spirit. In 2019 the location was beautiful Kitzbühel in Austria. To create engagement for the event we went for the full package with lederhosn, beer, braids and brass. A true Tyrolean Rhapsody!

We love brand play and employer branding! Norstat's core business gives us the ability to play with research and data collection through funfacts and visualization. Using their own methods, tools and services in the invitation, our aim was to raise attraction and engagement about the kick-off destination and the different Norstat countries and colleagues – through edutainment. 

The concept title, Tyrolean Rhapsody, seemed perfect. Not only did we have the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, fresh in mind – Tyrol can be seen as a good example of a so-called Euro-Region, where the integration of political administrations, languages and traditions across borders is visible and successful. So Norstat(e) of mind! 

And the hallmark of the rhapsody is free in structure and highly emotional in character. Exactly like the Norstat kick-off agendas : )

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