Client: NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council

An Alarming Thought

Following the invasion of Ukraine, the specter of war looms closer than ever before. However, as time passes, we become somewhat numb to emergencies and destruction in other countries. 


Unfortunately, war and disasters become less important the further away they are. After the invasion of Ukraine, the war suddenly wasn't so far away anymore. But over time, we become somewhat numb to emergencies and destruction in other countries. We needed a little reminder.


In Ukraine, the air raid siren often goes off, sometimes multiple times a day. We wanted to use the upcoming test of the air raid siren and emergency alerts here at home as a catalyst for a short and intensive fundraising campaign. By letting people experience a taste of what it's like when it's not just a drill, we hoped that people would be more receptive to donating to the Norwegian Refugee Council.


The Norwegian Refugee Council immediately embraced the idea and the thought of using this day to run radio spots both before and after the drill. P4 and Sagveien Resort also joined in. Everyone contributed their part to what ended up as a collective effort. Additionally, posters and videos were produced for social media. Everything was put together at record speed by Wednesday, June 14th.

Did you hear the air raid siren today? Your home is still standing. You don't have to search for friends and family. It was just a drill. But in Ukraine and other war-torn countries, this is everyday life, and the need for help is great. Support the work of the Norwegian Refugee Council for those who need it the most.

Send any amount you choose via Vipps to 2142.

The Norwegian Refugee Council was very pleased with the engagement, and the message hit the mark. It clearly demonstrates that sometimes there is truth in the words "Timing is everything."

But it's not too late to contribute. You can still send any amount you choose via Vipps to the Norwegian Refugee Council at 2142.

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