Client: NRC Group

We are building the country

With a deep local understanding for the society, NRC Group is a leading developer of infrastructure in the Nordic region. Even though the company has grown substantially over the last years, they still have the entrepreneurial spirit to make the right decisions in a short amount of time.

We started working with NRC Group to clean up in the existing company profile, where the graphic elements were going in all directions. At the same time the company was going through a strategical acquisition process. They therefore saw the need for gathering the people from different companies and cultures under one umbrella to build the internal culture and pride for NRC Group.

With the strategic positioning of “We are building the country”, the company’s CEO, Øyvind Horpestad, led the work of gathering and including all the employees under this new vision. Based on this clear message, we created a new and distinct visual identity and a new website that the employees could embrace and identify themselves with.

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