Client: Oppdrift

We’re on air!

In Minnesota Agency’s own podcast Oppdrift, we meet people who inspire us. Men and women who dream big and dare to chase their dreams. With our own strategic brand advisor, Jan Villard, as our host, you can be sure every question will be asked in order to pose his curiosity.

We wanted to make a channel for nurturing what we love the most; brand building. Take the pulse on what’s happening with brands and brand building in Norway and worldwide.

In our studio we interview people who has done remarkable achievements businesswise, in sports or at a cultural level. We also meet people who has come up with innovative products, solutions or services, and entrepreneurs with an admirable driving force who doesn’t stop until they’ve succeeded.

Independent and in line with the agency

Looking at both the audio content and the visual identity, our podcast is meant to be an independent brand building podcast and at the same time compliment Minnesota Agency’s identity. 

The aim of the visual identity is to reflect the mood and content of Oppdrift — bright, merry, sheltered and intimate. The black and white portraits shot by photographer CF-Wesenberg, complimented with a logo symbol of a white hot-air balloon illustration on yellow background, is all done to stand out in the podcast jungle visually. Because once we get your attention, we think you will be wanting to come back for more episodes.

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