Client: Q-Meieriene

Norway’s Best Chocolate Milk Presents…

Commercials for Q Fersk Sjokolademelk


For 13 years, Q Fersk Sjokolademelk (Fresh Chocolate Milk) has been marketed as "Norway's best chocolate milk" based on regular consumer tests. One could actually claim that Q-Meieriene are the Norwegian champions of chocolate milk. In 2020, we became acquainted with three Norwegian champions in rather unique sports: arm wrestling, pinball, and disc golf. Now, in 2023, we wanted to produce three new films that continue to build upon the concept of "Norway's Best."


This is a continuation of the communication concept we developed for Q Fersk Sjokolademelk in 2021. Shamelessly boasting about oneself rarely goes over well among Norwegians – nobody likes a braggart. Therefore, we wanted to brag about some others who are also among the best in Norway, with whom we could exchange a bit of praise. But we chose some Norwegian champions you probably weren't that familiar with.


The campaign in 2021 contributed to elevating Q-Meieriene from a market share of 16.8% to 23.3%, competing against players with larger marketing budgets and distribution. Hence, we aimed to leverage the lessons learned during that period and develop a new round featuring Norway's top athletes for Norway's finest chocolate milk.

Q-Meieriene is a challenger in a highly competitive market and continues to be an underdog compared to its competitors. The story of Q-Meieriene and Q Fersk Sjokolademelk draws many parallels with the narratives of Norway's top athletes in lesser-known sports. With passion for what you do, you can become the best, even if you aren't the biggest.

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