Client: SafeClean

Toxic sh*t warriors

For over 15 years SafeClean has been providing a range of innovative and industry-leading offshore cleaning and waste management services. Even though they believed they had the best and most environmental solutions, they were losing way more contracts than before as well as experiencing less inquiries from clients in general.

Even though they were proud of the job they were doing, workshops and interviews revealed dissatisfaction amongst the employees to a certain extent. We also concluded that existing webpages appeared as messy with an unclear message. Another find was that having environmental products and services has more or less become a standard in the offshore business, so should be considered as more of a hygiene factor rather than a differentiating element.

We developed a strategy with a clear mission which was implemented in all parts of the company, a new visual identity and new webpages, emphasized SafeClean’s vision and built internal pride by using the employees in all visual communication. To push them to live their own brand we also made them clean their own premises.

Internal clean up, increased internal pride and clearer communication, all played a great role for SafeClean again experiencing more inquiries from clients, winning more contracts and doubling their turnover in only two years.

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