Client: Shearwater GeoServices

Daring to discover

Shearwater is a global marine geoscience and technology business. They are pioneers using ground-breaking technology to study what lies beneath the ocean floor and to help energy companies plan ahead, accelerating responsible use of the planet’s resources.

Shearwater create and deploy seismic technology to find answers to the deepest questions facing humanity today and help accelerate responsible use of the planet’s resources. They are ambitious and aim to do their bit to make sure everyone in the world has secure access to resources. 

We got to know an exciting company with high competence and passion – key words that have been important for the design process.

We've carefully assembled an array of communication platforms for the company, ranging from brand movies to impactful campaigns, detailed maps, and various templates. Our role in the global rebranding launch fills us with immense pride.

The introduction of the striking new visual identity represents a significant milestone, exuding clarity, assurance, and meaningful influence.

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