Client: KWC

The hunt for the girls

When KWC was to recruit more consultants, they were clear that they wanted to encourage women to apply. We took them at their word.


Men have long been overrepresented in the consulting industry, and KWC has been no exception. Only two out of 15 employees were women. When the company was looking for 1–3 new consultants, they had a strong desire to increase the proportion of women in the company.


Develop job adverts that would catch women's attention in Finansavisen (print and digital), as well as on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Research shows that men often apply for positions if they meet 20% of the desired qualifications, while women often do not apply until they meet 80% of the desired qualifications in the job advertisement.


The solution was to speak directly to females, and we did this by listing the most used girl names in Norway from the 90s and early 2000s, which are the years of birth of those from whom KWC primarily wanted applicants. In addition, we included the most common Muslim girl names in our country, as they also wanted applicants with a multicultural background.


Two new female employees.

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