Client: TINE

TINE’s take on tech

The technology radar 2022 identifies technology trends relevant to TINE. It aims to assess the maturity of technologies with a focus on understanding the topic and inspiring applications. With this, TINE wants to create commitment to technology and a vibrant Norway.

We won the competition to design a comprehensive graphic profile and a magazine that presents the Technology Radar 2022. It is built up of overarching themes with a deep dive into selected technologies. In the magazine, the technology's maturity will be assessed independently of potential areas of application in TINE. Maturity is categorized into three levels: "Assess" (most mature), "Explore" and "Monitor" (least mature).

The magazine contains eight chapters which are highlighted with their distinct colour. The eight chapters are taken from the radar and the content is brought to life with suitable pictures and illustrations.

The content of the Technology Radar has been prepared in TINE's IT department for Architecture and New Technology.

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